Is AGO a church?

Alpha Gamma Omega is not a church and does not aspire to be. Many of our members attend local churches and campus ministries together, and we encourage them to do so. Despite weekly bible study and strong Christian brotherhood, AGO does not try to replace a church community. Rather, AGO is a Christian social fraternity where men of faith gather to challenge each other academically, physically, mentally, spiritually and impact their campus socially.

What is it like to be a member of AGO?

AGO members are the best of friends, and consider each other not only fraternity brothers, but brothers in Christ. Alpha Gamma Omega is a fantastic way to make true, deep, lifelong, Christ-centered friendships that will challenge and shape your life and are based on something greater than yourself. Networking opportunities are abundant and many of our brothers land jobs based on the connections that they have made here. Ask any member how membership in AGO has shaped their life for the better.

What about hazing?

Our pledge process has been prayerfully designed to build potential members up as men of God and educate them in the ways of the fraternity. Like most worthwhile endeavors in life, pledgeship is challenging. Pledges are treated as brothers in Christ.

What about alcohol?

The consumption of alcohol is not allowed at any AGO sponsored events or while wearing fraternity letters. Members are not prohibited from drinking, and many of our members over the age of 21 do so responsibly as a way to fellowship with each other, but do so away from the fraternity.  We do not regard the consumption of alcohol as sin, but do expect members to adhere to Biblical standards and uphold the integrity of their faith and the fraternity.

How much will it cost to be a member?

Due to responsible spending practices and intentionality with finances, Alpha Gamma Omega has the lowest dues of any fraternity at Appalachian State. Dues are paid once per semester. Contact any AGO brother for more information.